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Clever, modern stationery that folds.
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Wedding + Event Stationery

No bows, stick-on hearts or bits of lace. Just a single sheet of paper; folded, sealed and posted. Well designed and economical - no need for envelopes.


The Collection

Graphic:  Refined design with a focus on simplicity, clean colours and elementary pattern. 

Photographic:  Featuring landscapes, flora + fauna and real, natural texture. Shot on location, the large format printing makes them immersive and memorable. 

Pattern: Designs using pattern and abstract compositions with clean, modern typography.

Illustrated:  Charming designs with different themes, graphically illustrated in a limited colour palette. 

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In 1840, Rowland Hill's Postal Reforms were implemented in the British Isles. The first adhesive postage stamp, the Penny Black was introduced in May of that year, as well as the first pre-paid Lettersheets. These were single sheets of paper, designed to be written upon, folded, sealed and sent. They were beautifully illustrated and annotated by William Mulready.

These Lettersheets, and the subsequent Penny Pinks, Aerograms and Letter Cards are the inspiration for our signature stationery range. 

There's ample room for inviting words, as well as all the extra
details you need to share with your guests. And the whole thing folds up and tucks in; nice and neat. 

So why is it called 'Fern'?

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As well as self-initiated design projects and other creative endeavours, I work with couples on bespoke hand-silkscreen-printed wedding stationery at Pirrip.  A desire for a simple, economical alternative to this entirely bespoke service (and a love of clever folding) was the inspiration for Fern Paper Co. I have oodles of experience in design, illustration & print and a passion for producing un-fussy work. And my name's not Fern. It's Alex.

Jo Hounsome is an established professional photographer who shoots the photographic range for Fern (and takes the product pictures obvs).  She has a Masters in Photography & Printmaking, a sharp eye, and some high-tech kit. The work she produces is always spot on.

Print + Materials
Our friends at Minuteman Press do all of the printing, down the road in south Bristol.  They have loads of experience and are an award winning, ethical company. The paper stock is sourced from sustainable forests, managed by European environmental legislation compliant organisations. Its FSC certified and meets the requirements of the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC) Chain of Custody. 

I'm serious about the materials we use + keen to limit our environmental impact wherever we can. That's why I walk or cycle to and from the printers, am vegan, and have opted for a Green Energy plan (100% renewable) for electricity in the office.