I've been working with couples on bespoke wedding stationery for a few years, designing and screenprinting invitations, reply cards, order of service booklets and plenty more. But designing something from scratch and hand printing it, as special as it is, can work out expensively. I wanted to apply the same level of care and high design quality to something people could buy off-the-rack. Ensuring there are options for those who want something modern and well designed - as an antidote to the fussy fonts and roses - that won't cost a bomb.

The result - the folded invitations - also deal in space and material economy: Instead of having lots of different bits of card with RSVP and accommodation information, everything's in one. The design negates the need for envelopes too, streamlining the whole thing further. And you can recycle the lot, which pleases my eco-conscience. (That and the other measures I've taken to be more responsible for mother earth).

If you're interested to check out some other work and see the other (veggie) pies I have fingers in, more details are here at Pirrip. And why not come-a-looking on the Fern Paper Co. instagram.


Alex - doin' the creases

Alex - doin' the creases

Here's a picture of Jo Hounsome, who is the chief photographer for Fern Paper Co. We're also sister in laws. (#sistersaredoingitforthemselves) Jo has an uncluttered aesthetic - perfect for product shots + excellent framing. She also has an artistic background in printmaking which influences her composition and ability for capturing texture, movement and all the beautiful detail that goes in to the images she creates for the Fern photographic invitations.

Jo is a mighty Photoshopper - her exceptional skill in digital editing means the images are fine tuned and superior with the highest quality of detail.

Basically, Jo knows her stuff. 

Jo Hounsome  - Photographer Extraordinaire

Jo Hounsome - Photographer Extraordinaire