We went on an outing! To Bristol Botanic Gardens! (Botanic Gardens Site)

Jo and I had a lush morning out on Monday. Ostensibly to photograph all the plant beauty up there for some new invitations, but also for fun. Of course.

Highlights were the glass houses (obvs) and the herbal / healing garden. Though the temperature in some of the glass houses had Jo's camera freaking out doing weird unfocussed zooming, she captured some ace shots. We're looking forward to launching some new botanicals in the photographic range soon.

Besides some Ferns and some other tropical beauts, I'm really looking forward to seeing the Magnolia photos. (Magnolias are my favourites). Here's some of my pictures from the day. Like a teaser. Jo's will be the pro shots of course but these were just for me :)

Alexandra Higlett