How long does the design process take? What are the timelines?

Once you've placed an order, we'll send you a form for your custom text within 24hrs. You'll need to fill this in carefully and send it back to us to begin typesetting your stationery. We'll send you first digital proofs within 3 business days of receiving your custom text. These will need to be checked by you, any mistakes amended, and then we'll send you final proofs. Once the proofing process is complete, you should allow 7 working days for print and finishing before dispatch. 

The design process involves both parties responding promptly (if you are delayed approving proofs, the deadline will slip back accordingly) so we cannot offer absolute deadlines. But all being well, we can turnaround from order > delivery in just over a fortnight.


Can you use a photograph I supply?

Afraid not. Jo Hounsome takes the photographs for our invites using professional equipment, ensuring the composition sits well with the type & design overlays. She edits the photographs expressly for this purpose and has copyright for the images we use. 


Can you fold them for me?

Our invitations are sent out flat with the two horizontal folds pre-creased. If you want to write guests names on them then you'll need to do the rest of the folding yourself once you've written them. This would make having them pre-folded counter productive. 

If you're not adding guests names and you are unable to fold the invites yourself, send us a message and we can quote for pre-folded.


Can you do a bespoke design?

Our Fern Paper Co. invitations are designed to be customised - we can fit your custom text and make the odd tweak here and there, but we don't often design these from scratch. That said, if you have a special request, there's no harm in asking. Get in touch via the contact page or email info(at)fernpaperco.com

If you're looking for a fully bespoke design and fancy something special in the screenprinted department ;) you can try Pirrip .


Any other questions?

If there's something you need to know that's not covered here, send us an email info[at]fernpaperco.com or use the form on the contact page to get in touch.